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Analla is a twelve year old athlete who loves inspiring and helping others.  She has a strong passion for helping the youth and teaching others the importance of living the "G.E.M." lifestyle.  Analla aka "The Fit Kid" is a yoga enthusiast who enjoys meditation, tumbling, cheer, swimming, friends, and traveling.  Analla is a honor roll scholar who currently Cheers in New Jersey. She's an Allstar Fitness Ambassador to "CheerFIT" and a Ambassador/Blog Contributor to Black Girls Cheer.  Analla is the proud recipient of the Spring 2017 Scholarship from the National Society of Leadership and Success Little Leaders Award.  Analla loves to inspire people of all ages about the importance of nutrition and fitness by living by her motto "G.E.M" (Get Fit, Eat Healthy & Move).  Analla is an up an Coming You Tuber and is an Ambassador to Spirit Box, BeachGirlBands, 360Cheer, Kissed.co, SandCloud, RebelRoyalty, etc. Visit her Instagram TheFitKidJourney for more info, follow her journey and discount codes.

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Let Analla inspire your child or athlete to G.E.M.   (Get Fit, Eat Healthy, & Move)

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Strive for progress... Not for perfection! When you feel like Quitting, think about why you Started.  Success is Earned Not Given, so Let’s Go!!! 

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